Residential Valuations:

Buying a house is the biggest investment decision some people will ever make. Whether it's a main residence, a seasonal vacation home or a revenue property, the purchase of real property is a detailed financial transaction that requires multiple parties to see the transaction through.

The majority of the parties participating are quite familiar. The most familiar person in the transaction is the real estate agent. Next, the mortgage company provides the money required to finance the transaction. Lawyers see to it that all requirements of the transaction are completed and that the title is free to transfer from seller to buyer.

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So what party is responsible for making sure the value of the property is in line with the purchase price? In comes the expert appraiser. Appraisers provide an unbiased opinion of what a buyer might expect to pay - or a seller receive - for a parcel of real estate, where both buyer and seller are assumed to be informed parties. A professional Alberta licensed appraiser from Benchmark Real Estate Appraisals will ensure you are informed, knowledgeable, and confident your real estate decision is well supported. Such knowledge could save you from making a major financial mistake.