Land Valuation or Subdivision Analysis

The value of agricultural lands varies substantially throughout the Province and are affected by many factors. Among these factors, our appraisers consider:
• Specific location - farmland markets are local by nature and averages can be misleading.
• Agricultural productivity and utility - soils (and resulting productivity) can vary dramatically across a municipality, a township, a section, and indeed a farm.
• Availability of water sources - the availability of water for agricultural purposes can range from dugouts and natural water bodies to water licenses. Access to water can dramatically affect land values.
• Climatic factors – climate varies not only on a regional basis but locally as well. Average frost free days, average rainfall and the like can significantly affect the uses and productivity of land.
• Access – physical access from a roadway to a land parcel is of course desirable. The lack of access such as a landlocked parcel can affect the land values significantly.
• Proximity to the major economic centers – land holdings closer to regional service centers tend to be higher than remote parcels.
• Parcel improvements - the nature, size and utility of any parcel improvements can affect sale-ability and overall sale prices.
• Other economic factors such as oil or pipeline lease revenues can affect land values.
• Aesthetics – in certain markets views and topography can have an effect on overall land values.
Whether you need an appraisal for potential sale or purchase, financing, estate planning or asset division, you can count on our diligent research, analysis, and expertise to help you make informed decisions.

Benchmark Real Estate Appraisals has years of experience valuing and appraising undeveloped land, even for purposes of Subdivision Analysis!

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