Reserve Fund Studies and Depreciation Reports

Reserve Funds, often required for commercial properties, are a set of established funds set aside for repair or replacement of common elements or assets of a corporation. It may be used to pay for exterior wall claddings, roofing, windows, doors, heating and cooling systems, site elements including roads, sewers, playground equipment, or other items of this nature.

A Reserve Fund Study/Depreciation Report is a long range financial plan that provides detailed descriptions of reserve fund requirements, cost estimates, inflationary trends, interest assumptions, and future capital requirements for major repair and replacement of common components along with appropriate funding projections. Benchmark Real Estate Appraisals has appraisers who specialize in complying Reserve Fund Studies/Depreciation Reports and are more than qualified to take on such a report.

For further information on Reserve Fund Studies/Depreciation Reports, or to request an Appraisal for Reserve Fund Studies/Depreciation, please contact us!

**Please note that within the Province of British Columbia, a Reserve Fund Study is called a Depreciation Report.