Divorce Appraisals in the Province of Alberta by Benchmark Real Estate Appraisals

We understand that divorce is never easy. There are numerous issues looming, including the status of the shared residence. There are generally two options regarding real estate - it can be sold and the proceeds split, or one party can "buy out" the other. In either case, one or both parties should get an appraisal of the mutual real estate.
A divorce appraisal must have a well-established, authoritative report that can be supported in court. Benchmark Real Estate Appraisals pledges to give you an exceptional level of service with courtesy and well-supported conclusions. We also know how to provide for the sensitive needs of a divorce situation.

For further information on matrimonial dispute appraisals, or to request an appraisal for divorce purposes, please contact us!

Alberta lawyers as well as accountants depend on our values when ascertaining real property values for estates, divorces, or other disputes depending on a value opinion. We understand their needs and are accustomed to dealing with all parties involved. We assemble appraisal documents for courts or various agencies that meet or exceed their requirements.

As a lawyer dealing with a divorce, your case's research frequently needs an appraisal to ascertain market value for the residential real estate involved. A lot of the time the divorce date may not be the same as the date you requested the appraisal. We're accustomed to the techniques and what is vital to complete a retrospective appraisal with an effective date and Market Value conclusion matching the date of divorce. We handle a reasonable number of divorce appraisals (unfortunately) and we understand that they need to be handled delicately. The ethics provision within the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) means the highest amount of confidentiality, resulting in the utmost discretion.